Q. Why should I use Ave Maria Pharmacy to fill my prescriptions?

A.  Ave Maria Pharmacy offers you a convenient prescription mail service
delivery to your home or office. Please remember with your continued support,
Ave Maria Pharmacy will donate 1% of total sales to your State to help "Build
a Culture of Life One Prescription at a Time." We will gladly send your medicine
via First-Class Mail in a tamper-evident closure to the address you provide to us.
Free shipping and handling. First-Class Mail within the state of (AZ), (CO), (MA), (NE)
and (TX) is generally delivered overnight. Please call for details at 928.772.8674
or 888.288.0814 to transfer your prescription today!

Q. Does Ave Maria Pharmacy have Compounding Services?

A. Yes. A large growing number of patients have different health needs that
prescription medicines can not meet. Because every patient is different and has
unique needs, customized medications are a vital part of quality medical and
patient care. For them we at Ave Maria Pharmacy can customize, compound, and
tweak medicines to meet an individual patients or physicians needs. Today,
compounding is also addressing the needs of veterinarians, dentists, and their
patients also.

Q. How long does it take to receive my prescription from Ave Maria Pharmacy?

A. We fill and ship your medicine the day after they are verified and receive payment.
This generally means about 2 business days.  It is important that you order your
medications about (1) week in advance to prevent therapy interruptions. You may also
pick them up at the store Monday -Thursday 9:00am - 4:00pm

Q. What if my prescription has been filled at another pharmacy?

A. Call Ave Maria Pharmacy today at 928.772.8674 or 888.288.0814 or fill out the
patient information form under (Contact Us) and we will take care of the rest.   

Q. Does Ave Maria Pharmacy accept insurance?
A. Yes. Most insurances are accepted.  Please call to verify your coverage in
all states.

Q. Can Ave Maria Pharmacy fill my prescription if I do not have insurance?
A. Yes. We have great prices that often are lower than insurance co pays.
Free shipping and handling.  
Please call for details at  928.772.8674 or 888.288.0814.

Q.  Can I call in my refills directly to Ave Maria Pharmacy?
A.  Yes.  You may phone in your refill at 928.772.8674 or 888.288.0814.  

Q. What forms of payment do you accept at Ave Maria Pharmacy?
A.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover credit and debit cards.  You can
also pay with cash or check if you pick up your prescription in person at the pharmacy.

Q. What about a statement for taxes or insurance?
A.  Simply call or email a request and we will mail a copy right to your home.

Ave María Pharmacy, PLLC
1945 Commerce Center Circle Suite C
Prescott, Arizona  86301
States of AZ, CO, MA, NE, &TX, Toll Free: 1 (888) 288.0814
Phone: (928) 772.8674 / Fax (928) 772.8431
Business Hours are 9AM - 4PM Monday thru Thursday

4. Receive your shipment in
1-2 business
days at
3. Receive confirmation and
provide billing information.
1. From home or office log onto
www.avemariarx.com or call;
or toll free @
2. E-mail your request, or
use the Rx Refill online or call
928.772.8674 - or Toll Free @
Ave María Pharmacy